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Lighting Towers – Bounous S.A

Lighting Towers

Equipment thinked and designed for different kind of events, without interruptions, with schedules activities, in an open areas.
Strong manufactured, with weatherproof canopy, one axle trailer for easy transport. With cutting-edge world technology, the lighting towers Bounous are assembled in three versions;
*TAB LED the revolutionary design, with diesel engine Hatz 1B50 and Led technology.
*TAB 4500
*TAB 4500 soundproof
TAB 4500 has the diesel engine Hatz 2M41 (air cooled) and TAB 4500 soundproof with diesel engine Hatz 2L41C. Both with aptitudes to use over 4.000 m.a.s.l. For minimize the sound, the engine 2L41C has a silent pack capsule.
We use a DEEP SEA central electronic control unit, that safeguard the engine and alternator running. Schedule automatically the start of the lamps and register every report of failing.
In addition, there are some versions of lightweight type, portable by one operator, with neumatic lift of the column. Ideal for campings, recreation areas.