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Gen Sets – Bounous S.A

Gen Sets

Monofásicos (single phase) o trifásicos (three phase). 6 y 12 hilos(wires). Coupling by flexible discs to the wheel engine. Special lubricated bearings(maintenance every 40000 hs.). Main axle high strength steel manufactured. With electronic AVR solid state and brushless system. Auxiliary winding for feeding and regulations, isolated from the main, and overvoltage protection. Insulate class H, four polar, self-ventilation. Protection grade IP23. 

According the power to supply. We assemble gen sets using world trademarks. 
The combined engine-alternator is assembled on metallic base diesel tank, with rubber shock aborbers which guarantee about 95% of damping.

Metallic Parts
Bounous hnos. manufacture all kinds of pieces uses in your end products. Many examples are (among other things): Bases, supports for sets (like sledge or reservoir), plates for engine and alternator, electric board/cabinet and their brackets/mounts, indoor and outdoor canopies and different trailers. 

Electric boards
We design, manufacture and assemble all the electric parts of the gensets, that´s the reason we reach the know how for new developments. Electric boards with analogical instruments (on client demand), with electronic central units for the complete genset (engine plus alternator) and ATS functions for automatic management. Thus secure immediate actuation with autonomy when the main grid have difficulty or absent.