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Engines – Bounous S.A


Bounous Hnos. manufacture industrial diesel engines of one and two cylinders up to 2.000 rpm., air cooled. Own design, from 9 to 24 HP. , respectively.
The assembly of Bounous engines began in 1949 and continue in our days with fidelity for all kind of clients.
Rough and strong design, for continuos functioning, very low cost of maintenance and versatility to different applications. Characteristics which explain many and many years of success in the local market.

Many of uses can be:

  • Extraction and impulse of different liquids.
  • Power units coupled to all kinds of clutches.
  • Engine adapted for driven in boats / vessels / ships.
  • Diesel and gas Gen sets (1.500-1.800 rpm).
  • Machines for construction industry.
  • Grain classified machine and others agriculture machines.

Our engines products line is fullfilled with the recognized world mark HATZ. This is an germany company, with a lot models up to 3000/3600 rpm, air cooled and the new serie water cooled.
Hatz complete its line with insulated capsules, to minimize the sound made.