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Diesel Portable Compressor – Bounous S.A

Diesel Portable Compressor

Working together with ATMOS, from Chez Republic, Bounous Hnos put on the Argentina and SouthAmerica market, a complete line of portable diesel air end, with spare parts and accessories. The design is a result of 50 years gained in experiencies in all subjects vinculated, with compact and strong machines, ready to work in any site with difficulties, like civil and roadway infrastructure, extreme temperatures, dusty environment.

Engine: one of the main components with consequences in fiability, high performance and more time in working hours. The RPM of the diesel engine, commanded in according to the optimun utility of the air end. As a best result, very lower fuel consumption. 

Control system: proportional control system in two stages, the next benefit which reduce again the fuel consumption. Precise control of the air pressure delivered  to optimize the energy required and optimizing more over the fuel consumption. 

Security system: watch the fridge temperature, the oil pressure of the engine, the oil temperature of the air end and the delivered temperature of the air pressure. When the control system observe any failing, the machine would shut down or could change to awaiting mode, automatically.

Screws: manufactured with high precision, as a consequence high reliability during the working life of the machine. The last generation of the helix design, with excellent characteristics about efficiency and attenuated sound level. 

Canopy:  with reduce level of sound protecting the environment. We take care to protect the machine to corrosion action.