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Control module DSE 335 – Bounous S.A

Control module DSE 335

Electronic central for automatic transfer.
Communication ports:
* RS-232.
* RS-485.

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The DSE 335 is an automatic transfer controller. It monitors the voltage and frequency of the incoming AC power source from two different sources, which can be either from the generator or from the network or a combination of both. The module will monitor S1 (source 1) and, in the case of an anomaly, issue a start command to S2 (source 2). Once S2 is available and produces an output within the limits, the module will control the transfer device and change the load from S1 to S2.
Once the supply of S1 is back within limits, the module will order a load return to S1 and turn off S2.
It provides information on Generator and Network parameters (voltage, current, active, reactive and apparent power, phi cosine).
Available communication port RS-232, RS-485.

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