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Complete Reconditioning of Generating Sets – Bounous S.A

Complete Reconditioning of Generating Sets

We perform reconditioning and adaptation to new technologies of generating units of different types.

As this case, we received 6 old generator sets in the following conditions:

Original equipment photos.

The works consisted of:

* Shot and painted base structure and canopy.

*Diesel engine change.
The original old engine was replaced by a John Deere 4045H engine at 1800 rpm.
The new engine has better performance and lower fuel consumption.

*Conditioning of the alternator in its entirety.
All the windings were varnished and the bearing was replaced.

*Re design of engine-alternator control board.
Digital technology was incorporated to control, manage and protect both the engine and the alternator.Indication of coolant temperature, engine oil pressure and different electrical parameters such as voltage, current, frequency and power among others.
Through these measurements, several alarms were programmed which act on the electric motor or alternator with the premise of protecting both the load that feeds and the generating equipment.

*Motor control and electric power wiring.
Both wirings were replaced, contemplating the correct wire sections for each device.

*Installation of new accessories.
Accessories were installed such as float type battery charger and coolant pre-heater.

*Test with resistive load.
Bounous Hnos. Delivers all tested products. We have a testing room equipped with digital monitoring technology, allowing us to demand the equipment to verify that everything works correctly.

Photos finished equipment:

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