We travel to Italy to get trained

Training details:

The training was held from Thursday May 24 until Tuesday June 5 and was divided into three phases:

1- Travel:  Visit to the Salvagnini plant, which is located in the town of Sarego.
There, the team was able to know the different sectors where the machines are manufactured: paneladoras, punzadoras and lasers.

2- Training: Teachings about programming and simulation of 3D programs.

3- Practice: Stage of test of finished programs, transfer to the paneladora and manufacture of the Bounous pieces.

P2 Automatic Panel benders

The P2lean compact baler is capable of producing sheet metal parts folded in automatic mode and in accordance with the different manufacturing strategies implemented in the workshop. It allows the production of unique pieces, in kits or batches.
It is a flexible machine since it is of wide production: from 0.4 to 3.2 mm of sheet thickness.
It is versatile, because it allows you to customize the parts, pieces or panels.
It also has universal tools and an adaptive technology MAC 2.0. It also has a simple and intuitive programming and a reduced energy consumption (5 kW).
Another quality is safety, because its manipulation is fully automatic in cycle.

Innovation and improvement

Bounous Hnos. Is in permanent development with the aim of offering a service of the highest quality. Therefore we understand the importance of being constantly updated in terms of technological innovations. But we also know that the technical modernization is completely beneficial when it is accompanied by the formation of the human team, for this reason we promote the continuous training of our personnel.

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